Plant Quality

We are continuously checking the quality of our plants prior to shipping to ensure they stay pest and disease free and most of our plant pots are top-filled with sawdust to reduce the ingress of weeds.

At the time of packaging we ensure all plants are well watered but please note that after days of travelling without light a plant can be expected to not appear as 'healthy' as it did when it left us, some sunlight and water will soon perk it up again.

We refrain from providing exact plant dimensions as this will vary between varieties and throughout a growing season. Also, in line with good husbandry we prune plants from time to time to maintain shape and promote new growth - hence we do not guarantee specific heights. This may also mean a plant that would usually be in bloom at a given time of the year could arrive with no flowers showing.

A plant in a 17cm pot will be more than 1 year older than the same plant in a 9cm pot and will be larger.

If you would like to enquire about a plant size at the current time feel free to contact us.